Saturday, 13 December 2014

Actors Who Think They Can Direct - But Can't

In a world where Hollywood celebrities can successfully segue into singers or even politicians (I'm talking about you, Arnold), why shouldn't they also believe: “I, too, can direct”? Indeed, the star-turned-regisseur trend has been recently epitomised by Angelina Jolie's hilariously bad Unbroken. Maybe we should just be thankful Brad wasn't involved – at least, not yet.

Here are 8 more examples of the bad, bold, and beautiful who have picked up a camera...

4 Faces of Ethan Hawke in 'Predestination'

The Spierig brothers' latest collab with Ethan HawkePredestination, is a bizarre, mind-twisting, gender-bending thriller that not only challenges our suspended credulity, but Hawke's ability to act.

Interview w/ 'Dark' David Lynch

David Lynch’s factory photographs – now on show at The Photographers’ Gallery in London – reveal the great filmmaker’s lifelong fascination with abandoned industrial buildings. The architectural compositions echo his most revered work – think of the claustrophobic attack on domesticity in Eraserhead, the looming shacks of Twin Peaks, the vortex swirl of Mulholland Drive’s nightmarish party scene. The black-and-white stills depict menacing silhouettes, gutted interiors and billowing smokestacks, using blurred light and layered textures to stretch the possibilities of photography to their outer limits.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Interview w/ Lukas Moodysson on Punk Girl Bands

Unsurprisingly, the three young female protagonists in Lukas Moodysson’s latest film We Are the Best! have got major balls. 
Despite a mostly male crowd shouting out “communist cunts” and “the ugliest girls ever” during their first concert, the three girls join up determined to be a successful punk band. Never mind the fact that punk is dead (the film is set in 80s Stockholm), and that two of the girls don’t even know how to play instruments.
Although reminiscent of Moodysson’s previous paens to youthful rebellion and growing up, this film freshly, infectiously explores alternative female narratives and gender roles. True to punk ethic, We Are the Best! is also about finding your own authentic voice, playing apart from the crowd – even at the risk of being hated, or clearing out an entire high school auditorium in the process. 

Sundance London 2014 Faves

Perhaps no one at this year’s London Sundance Film Festival captured the cultural zeitgeist quite as cunningly and hilariously as director/screenwriter David Cross. His film debut Hits mocks the teen celebrity and attention-seeking society we find ourselves living in today, where everyone has talent—or believes so—and feels the need to flaunt it on YouTube, or popular TV shows like (gulp) X Factor.

Just like her serial killer protagonist’s sugar-coated smile, director Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices packs serious bite. In a much more unconventional role than his usual Hollywood rom-com leads, Ryan Reynolds proves a terrifyingly effective Jerry—an average young man for all appearances, except for his talking pets, Bosco the dog and Mr. Whiskers, the cat. Oh yeah, and maybe a few severed ladies’ heads hidden in the fridge…

Who wouldn’t adore a road trip across La Bella Italia? Munching their mouth-watering way across Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and Capri to be exact, in the sparkling company of vet comedians Steve Coogan and Rob BrydonFor those already acquainted with Michael Winterbottom’s largely improvised 2010 film, The Trip—which follows Steve and Rob, or semi-fictionalized versions thereof, on a restaurant tour around northern England—this is his witty follow-up. In The Trip to Italy, Winterbottom reunites the pair under the pretext of a new culinary voyage, while retracing the steps of the Romantic poets’ Grand Tour of Italy.

Interview w/ 'Controversial' Claire Denis

Despite the furor at Cannes over Bastards’ final graphic sexual scene — in which we witness, voyeur-style, an incestuous threesome — Claire Denis is sticking to her creative guns. Insisting on the importance of showing “the heart” of tragedy, the French filmmaker’s latest neo-noir thriller is full of the raw, risky and cliché-free visuals we’ve come to expect. But even Denis’ masterfully oblique, darkly-detailed storytelling doesn’t prepare you for Bastards’ brutal and shocking ending.

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Best Nerd Revenge Movies

Believe it or not, it was once considered tres uncool to be called a ”nerd” in high school. This happened of course pre-Big Bang Theory, before heavy-handed 80s displays of male virility and popularity became laughable (if not a little distasteful) and anemic anti-heroes like Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera became desirable on the big screen.

Coinciding with next week’s release of much-anticipated, Korean thriller Pluto —whose main character is bullied by his classmates into a monster — we rounded up our top 8 ”nerd revenge” movies, where the geeks n’ freaks get the last laugh. Ha!