Friday, 1 May 2015

Sonia Delaunay @ Tate Modern

Usually known as “the other Delaunay,” Sonia Delaunay has finally received her first, long overdue UK retrospective at the Tate Modern. At the heart of the Parisian avante-garde, she not only invented a distinct brand of abstraction called Simultanism with her husband Robert Delaunay, but continued her own original, experimental forays in paint and design – often in collaboration with other artists – over an incredulous seventy year stretch, spanning several artistic movements...More.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

California Dreamin': Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn is a focused survey of not only the American artist’s four decade-plus career, but of what it means to continuously evolve as an artist. The exhibition traces Diebenkorn's keen sense of light and space in the American west, across his different studio locations in New Mexico, the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California...More.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Exploring the Best Designs of 2015

A brisk survey of this year's seventy-six Designs of the Year nominees not only evokes curiosity but a healthy dose of envy too. After watching strangers gleefully zip around town in a Google self-driving car demo reel – look Ma, no hands! – who wouldn't feel jealous?...More.

Interview w/ Breakout Actress Sarah Snook

After wowing international critics as the breakout star of Predestination (co-starring none other than Ethan Hawke) you might expect Sarah Snook to be fazed by sudden success. Not this Aussie - or Snooky, as her friends call her. When she isn't hobnobbing in Hollywood or filming, Sarah still manages to keep it real, enjoying downtime in nature and valuing her privacy. But don't be fooled by this Adelaide native's down-to-earth attitude in real life, on screen, Sarah is pure electric emotion, and is personally "drawn to strong female roles with inherent conflict"...More.

Friday, 10 April 2015

A Conversation w/ Artist Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor's latest ‘paintings’ are savage: ungainly packages of flesh, fat, and gristle that bleed and bulge toward the viewer. Recalling the visceral carcasses of Rembrandt and Rodin's Gates of Hell, these monumental portals of carnage display Kapoor's continued exploration of Marsyas – whose skin was flayed by the god Apollo – but also hint at something more metaphysical. In contrast to the polished pink onyx and gold surfaces which also feature at his current exhibition at Lisson Gallery, these new pieces open up a troubling dialogue of dualities: not only to be read as raw open wounds, but as inner psychic matter. 

I discussed different ways of viewing and questioning interiority with Kapoor, whose views proved as fascinating and challenging as his work...More.  

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

PANGEA II: New Art from Africa & Latin America

Bursting with vitality and immediacy, Saatchi Gallery showcases emerging artists from the two great continents that were once conjoined as the landmass Pangaea. Providing insight into abrupt urban expansion and economic growth as well as exploring the complexities arising from that transformation, these artists blend traditional and contemporary techniques in a unique portrait of their respective homelands...More.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Damián Szifron's Wild Tales (2014) is a ferociously dark, hilarious ride that doesn't just mock the corruption and social injustices of modern day Argentina, but also deeply relishes the resort to vigilante violence. His six vignettes' over-the-top bursts of bloodthirsty mayhem, quirky characters and O. Henry-like twists of fate in a cheerfully colourful palette, feel familiar; and no wonder, as this film was produced (and obviously influenced) by Pedro Almodóvar...More.